Björk Vulnicura Virtual Reality Album

A mix of 3-DOF and 6-DOF VR Experiences by different directors for Björk’s Vulnicura Album. This material toured as part of “Björk Digital” and “Black Lake” was originally commisioned for “Björk MoMA“. The experience is Available in September 2019 on the Steam platform.

Involvement: As part of xRez Studio and together with Eric Hanson from Blue Planet VR, Asset Creation for opening and menu sequence, Assets and content for “Black Lake, Assets and VR advising for “Family”, Director of Photography for “History of Touches” (not included in download).

“No Spectators: The Art of Burningman”

6-DOF Social experience of the Smithsonian Renwick Museum installation of “No Spectators” Detailed description can be found in this New York Times paid post about why and how this piece was made. The experience is Available Now as a Virtual Field Trip on the Sansar platform.

Involvement: 3D capture of art work, Live in-game presentations on the creation of the work and the burningman experience.


6-DOF/3-DOF, AR/VR Hybrid. Telling the story of the first female shaman in the Yawanawa tribe. Available now on Viveport.

Involvement: Cinematographer, On-site 3D capture, technical advising

UPDATE 2020: Awavena won an Emmy!! For the category “Outstanding New Approaches: Documentary

“Welcome to Light Fields”

6-DOF Introduction the the experience of light fields and explanation of how the technology works. Available Now on the STEAM platform.

Involvement: Light Field Photography, Producer, Unity Development

“SAAM: Beyond the Walls”

6-DOF exploration of the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Available Now on the Steam Platform.

Involvement: 3D capture of Museum, Artwork, Exterior Scenes.

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