Hyperacuity: [/haɪ.pɚ-əˈkjuː.ə.t̬i/] A greater than normal acuteness of a sense such as sight, touch or sound.

Hyperacuity uses the most advanced imaging and scanning technologies to capture the world at a even greater level of detail than can be experienced in RR (Real Reality) to create a rich world for VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) that can be explored with virtual tools such as virtual telescopes and microscopes to explore and explain in  novel ways.

Our Passion

We help tell the stories and create the interaction for Cultural Heritage Projects, Artists, Scientists, Technology Companies, Native Peoples and Museums around the world.


Founded by Greg Downing previously known from xRez Studio. LinkedIn, IMDB


“No Spectators: The Art of Burningman”

6-DOF Social experience of the Smithsonian Renwick Museum installation of “No Spectators” Detailed description can be found here. The experience is Available Now on the Sansar platform.

Involvement: 3D capture of art work


6-DOF/3-DOF, AR/VR Hybrid. Telling the story of the first female shaman in the Yawanawa tribe.

Involvement: Cinematographer, On-site 3D capture, technical advising

“Welcome to Light Fields”

6-DOF Introduction the the experience of light fields and explaination of how the technology works. Available Now on the STEAM platform.

Involvement: Light Field Photography, Producer, Unity Development

“SAAM: Beyond the Walls”

6-DOF exploration of the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Available Now on the Steam Platform.

Involvement: 3D capture of Museum, Artwork, Exterior Scenes.

See more of our past projects at xRez.


You can contact Greg directly at 415-613-1649 or via email greg@xrez.com